Volume 2, Issue 4

Summer 2021

ISSN 2694-2577

Collaborative Issue. Articles were previously published on the website of the Association for Middle Eastern Public Policy and Administration (AMEPPA) as research data. Re-published here by the request of the organization's President as shared research between AMEPPA and the Journal of Applied Professional Studies.

The Multiple Faces of Corruption: Typology, Forms and Levels.

José Vargas-Hernández

University of Guadalajara, México

Can Ghana Avoid the Resource Curse?

Inge Amundsen

Michelsen Institute, Norway

Political Corruption and National Development in Nigeria.

Matthew Egharevba and Idowu Chiazor

Covenant University, Nigeria

A Case Study of Citizen Engagement in Fostering Democratic Governance in Rwanda.

Yvonne HabiyonizeyeAkershus University College, Norway.

Jean Claude MugungaBrandeis University, Massachusetts.

Bad Governance and Corruption in Africa: Symptoms of Leadership and Institutional Failure.

Oluwole OwoyeWestern Connecticut State University

Nicole BissessarKent State University