Call for Papers

The Coronavirus: Reflections, Responses and Lessons Learned

A Rapid Peer Review Process

The Journal of Applied Professional Studies is dedicating a special issue on Coronavirus and its impact on various aspects of life and professions in our country and around the world. This special issue will be published in October 2020. Manuscripts will be considered as they are received by the journal on or before September 1, 2020.

The pandemic had altered our lives and the way we are working, teaching, conducting research, caring for others, serving, traveling, designing, planning, administering, conducting business or engaging in any activity no matter how remote or small. All types of professions have now to rethink how to operate under the circumstances created by the pandemic both on short and long-term basis and plan with innovative measures, vision, and smart alternatives for the day after.

There are many potential applications of case studies, applications, designs and research in all academic disciplines that can contribute to the public good at this time of crisis.

We invite you to submit your papers of broad interest covering the science, practice, education, policy or implication impacted by COVID-19.


Manuscripts should be written in a style that is accessible to the public. For manuscripts that appear to be a good fit, we will conduct a quick initial review of submissions to assure a fit with our submission guidelines. Then, the selected manuscripts will be considered for a fast peer-review process and provide editorial decision letters within one week of completed submission.

Authors should follow the journal’s submission guidelines available on our website Please submit your completed article to: [email protected], with "Coronavirus Special Issue” in the Email subject. Please indicate in your cover letter that your article is related to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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